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Employment law

We offer our clients permanent support in order to respond to all the employment issues they are confronted with, in individual as well as collective labor relations. We provide concrete solutions to operational constraints, taking into account the legal environment, the requirements of the activity and the strategy of the company.

Individual labor relations

  • Elaborating elements of individual status (contracts, remuneration)
  • Management of individual situations

Collective labor relations

  • Supporting the preparation and conduct of company negotiations and drafting of collective agreements,
  • Setting up, managing and monitoring staff representative bodies,
  • Management of collective conflicts and overall labor relations within the company
  • Assistance in the various stages of important company projects: mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions, reorganizations, modifications and transfers of activities, etc.
  • Assistance in the procedures of collective redundancy for economic reasons
  • Work-time adjustments
  • Monitoring the issues of health and safety in the workplace
  • Employee savings plans and stock options.
  • International mobility, international employment contracts, expatriation.
  • Occupational accidents and diseases,
  • Assistance in all pre-litigation and litigation matters in all jurisdictions

Commercial law

We offer our clients permanent support in order to resolve all the commercial issues they are confronted with when creating, expanding and diversifying their activities.


Real estate law

We assist companies in the real estate and building sector to execute their various operations in different phases in the life of a building (construction, refurbishment, commissioning...).

Real estate law

  • Dealing with real estate sales operations
  • Dealing with litigations (implementation and application of retraction procedures, immobilization indemnity recovery, defects of consent, hidden defects, ...)
  • Drafting, revision, renewal, transfer and termination of different types of leases (commercial, professional, construction, long term, future state of completion, residential, common law, short-term ...). Dealing with litigations (implementation and application of procedures for recovery of rent arrears, charges and ancillaries; eviction...)
  • Implementation and application of procedures for abnormal neighborhood disturbances

Construction law

  • Handling real estate development operations, sales in future state of completion and construction
  • Drafting, revision and termination of construction contracts (project manager, general contractor...)
  • Assistance and advice to construction project owners and builders
  • Setting up and/or following-up preventive summary proceedings
  • Setting up and/or following-up various expertises (defects, non-conformance or non-completion of the works)
  • Asserting and defending the liability of builders Insurance guarantee claims

    Co-ownership law

  • Assistance to property managers and co-owners
  • Advice on the rights and obligations of co-owners
  • Advice on splitting a co-ownership
  • Advice on the division and consolidation of lots
  • Audit of co-ownership regulations, and assistance in their modification
  • Drafting of internal regulations and rules of use
  • Monitoring general assemblies of co-owners
  • Monitoring the implementation of common or private works
  • Management of disputes between the property manager and co-owners, between co-owners, with neighboring buildings, between successive property managers
  • Collection of co-ownership charges

Company law / Corporate, M&A

We advise company directors, investment funds and French and international groups throughout the corporate life and in the context of their M&A, private equity and restructuring operations by offering them tailor-made support, adapted to their ambitions and their company policy.

Corporate governance - outsourcing the legal secretariat of a company

  • Founding companies
  • Drafting shareholders' agreements
  • Carrying-out shareholding operations and monitoring company general meetings
  • Restructuring groups of companies
  • Assistance and advice to company directors

Growth projects

  • Development of a growth strategy corresponding to the company's needs and desire for growth
  • Assistance with private equity transactions and fund raising
  • Assistance with mergers, acquisitions and external growth operations

Sale and acquisitions of companies

  • Sale of shares, reorganization of shareholding
  • Assistance in the process of transferring the ownership of a company

Litigation related to corporate law

  • Litigation between partners
  • Protection of minority shareholders and holders of securities
  • Post-acquisition/sale litigation

Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive support to the company director, particularly during the audit phase, covering all aspects of the business.

Tax law

We assist our clients (French and foreign companies, financial institutions and investment funds, public institutions and associations, and individuals) in the tax management of their operations, both in France and abroad, and help them anticipate and control the burden of their taxation as well as the related issues.

Taxation of companies

  • Tax structuring of groups and corporate operations
  • Due diligence in the context of acquisition operations
  • Assistance in the context of tax audits and defense in the competent jurisdictions

Personal taxation

  • Tax advice for company directors (tax and social security regime for directors, taxation related to the sale or transfer of a company, international mobility, management packages)
  • Assistance in interfacing with tax authorities and in with litigation procedures
  • Tax structuring of asset transactions

Taxation of digital assets (cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc.)

Intellectual property and image rights

We support our clients - French and foreign companies, associations, authors, influencers, athletes, etc. - in managing and protecting their intangible assets, developing a personalized strategy for the management of these assets and setting up a contractual framework to protect their interests.

Trademark protection

  • Prior art searches,
  • Registration and maintenance of titles, in accordance with the company's business strategy
  • Management and monitoring of the trademark portfolio and implementation of monitoring procedures
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts (licenses, sponsoring, etc.)

Literary and artistic property

  • Support in the preservation of creative evidence (Soleau envelopes, Blockchain technology, etc.)
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts (publishing, directing, production, etc.)
  • Art market

Media law and ICT

  • Press law and image rights
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for the sale of rights
  • Assisting with legal proceedings
  • Protection of personal data

Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain

  • Licensing or sale of copyrights
  • Contracts for the provision of services
  • Sponsorship and influencer contracts
  • General terms and conditions of sale
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